About Us

Here at Balanced Chiropractic and Wellness, we believe there are 3 important things that must happen in order to get from pain and discomfort to wellness; Communication, Examination, and Treatment. Of these, we feel the examination is of the utmost importance. The examination is the road map we use to find the contributing factors to a patient's complaint and also helps us dictate which treatments are the most appropriate for each individual. What we also love about our examination is that it helps shorten treatment times, and gets you back to doing what you love faster! 

Our examination will take you through several movement patterns, like touching your toes, to determine if these patterns are functional (can your body do it properly and well), and to find out if the movement is painful.  After determining which areas aren’t working as well as they should be we will then break down each pattern even further to determine which part(s) are causing the pain and/or dysfunction. 

The cool thing is, the areas of your body that we will work on, may not be the area that hurts! This is based on the principle of Regional Interdependence. "Regional interdependence is the concept that refers to seemingly unrelated impairments in remote locations may contribute to or be associated with the patient's primary complaint." -Dr. Janda

Simply put your hip may be causing your knee pain!

We explain this concept to our patients by showing them the relationship between mobile and stable segments within the body. The body was designed in an alternating pattern of stable segments joints connected to more mobile joints. The foot needs to be stable, the ankle mobile, knee stable, hip mobile, and so on. This makes it easier to see that a seemingly unrelated issue can create a major problem elsewhere!

This also makes treatment fun because once we fix any mobility issues then we need to retain the motor pattern within your brain! Yes, this may mean you are working on breathing and rolling on the floor. Wherever you are having issues in the neurodevelopmental progression is where we will work to retain your brain. This is called motor control.

We move in patterns, not in parts. Patterns exist in our brains that are learned from when we are first born. That's why chiropractic is so important for children. 

As we grow and develop we learn to move in patterns.  The first pattern we learn as a baby is to breathe followed by hand gripping, head and eye movement, limb movement, rolling, crawling, kneeling, transitional movements, and finally standing.  It is in this neurodevelopmental progression that we learn how to move. If one or a few of these aren’t being done correctly or are skipped completely this can become a problem for the child later on. 

For example, we have seen many babies roll from front to back stiff as a board, army crawl as they drag their legs, children that run swinging only one arm, and even those that just skipped crawling and went to walking. These movement patterns are NOT normal and can have serious impairments for the child’s brain and body functions for the rest of their lives.